WMW-01-SM Cylinder Blocks (knobbed cylinder) Plastic knobs                    Product size: 46*7.8*6.5 cm                                Description: The Cylinder is varying in height and / or diameter in each block. By playing with Cylinder Blocks can improve the child’s experience in visual discrimination of size. 5200
WMW-02-SM Cylinder Blocks (Knobbed in Devdar Wood) 7200
WMW-03-SM Pink Tower Product size: 1 * 1 * cm, 2*2*2cm,…10*10*10cm                      Description: Pink Tower contains 10 cubes. Different sizes of the cubes help child to learn the change of the size in three dimensions. 2600
WMW-04-SM Stand for Pink Tower Product size: 14*14*10 cm                            Description: Stand made with natural wood, duly polished 550
WMW-05-SM Pink Tower Box Plastic storing box for Pink Tower’s cubes 700
WMW-06-SM Broad Stairs Product size: 1*1*20 cm, 2*2*20cm,….10*10*20 cm   Description: Brown Stairs help child to learn the change of the width, while the length keeps the same. 3100
WMW-07-SM Knob less Cylinder Product size: 16*12*7.5 cm for each              Description: Set of Knob less Cylinders contains of 4 sets of different colors, size & weight. Each set has 10 Cylindrical Shapes 4700
WMW-08-SM Stand for Broad Stairs Wooden Stand for display of Broad Stairs 750
WMW-09-SM Constructive Triangles 5 Boxes with lids contain triangles in different sizes, shapes and colors. 3600
WMW-10-SM Binomial Cube 8 painted wooden cubes in a wooden box with a lid. 2300
WMW-11-SM Trinomial Cube 27 wooden cubes painted in the colors red, black, blue and yellow. The box has special internal hinge, which allows the sides to open out flat permitting unhindered access to the cubes. The control is screened on the lid. 3100
WMW-12-SM Fabric Box (Touch Fabric) 5 pairs of different fabrics to distinguish the quality, Hardness / softness and variety of cloth / fabric. 1300
WMW-13-SM Sound Boxes 2 sets of 6 sealed Plastic Cylinders that make a distinctive sound when shaken. The cylinders are graded from very soft to loud and each cylinder has either a red or a blue top and is contained in a wooden box with a matching red or blue lid. 1900
WMW-14-SM Sound Boxes 2 sets of 6 sealed Wooden Cylinders that make a distinctive sound when shaken. The cylinders are graded from very soft to loud and each cylinder has either a red or a blue top and is contained in a wooden box with a matching red or blue lid. 2600
WMW-15-SM Red / Long Rods Product size: 2.5*2.5*10 cm, 2.52.5*20cm , 2.5*2.5*30cm ……. 2.5*2.5*100cm                   Description: Long Red Rods can help child to develop visual discrimination of length, while height and width remain constant. 2600
WMW-16-SM Display Stand for Long Rods A stand to display Long Rods 1650
WMW-17-SM Baric Tablets A three set of wooden tablets, the first set has light-weight tablets, the second set medium-weight tablets, the third set has heavy tablets. 1100
WMW-18-SM First Box of Color Tablets Product size: 9.5*9.5*4.8 cm                         Description: The First Box of Color Tablets contains of 3 pairs of primary colors, red, yellow and blue. 850
WMW-19-SM Second Box of Color Tablets Product size: 12*9*4.8 cm                         Description: Second Box of Color Tablets contains 11  pairs of colors, red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, brown, pink, gray, black and white. 1600
WMW-20-SM Third Box of Color Tablets Product Size: 26.2*26.2*4.7cm                            Description: The Third Box of Color Tablets contains 63 tablets, total nine colors in seven graded shades of red , blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, brown, pink and gray 3600
WMW-21-SM Rough and Smooth Boards        (Touch Boards) Set of two wooden rectangular boards with a rough or smooth surface as follows:                                                 a): a board with half of the surface rough and half smooth                                                                    b): a board with a series of alternating rough and smooth strips. 850
WMW-22-SM Rough Gradation Tablets          (Touch Tablets) 5 pairs of touch tablets ranging from rough to smooth sandpaper in wooden box. 1200
WMW-23-SM Thermic Tablets Thermic Tablets with six compartments containing two tablets each of six different materials. 2100
WMW-24-SM Thermic Bottles A wooden box with 8 compartments containing 8 metal bottles with screw-on tops. The bottles are identical in appearance to prevent visual matching. 2100
WMW-25-SM Tasting Bottles (For Liquids) A set of 8 bottles with dropper and a wooden box to distinguished different tastes, flavors and quality etc. 3100
WMW-26-SM Tasting Jars (For Solids) A set of 6 wooden box to distinguish different tastes, flavors and quality etc. 3100
WMW-27-SM Smelling Bottles (Junior Set, 3 pairs of bottles in  wooden box) 2800
WMW-28-SM Smelling Bottles Description: Smelling Bottles contains two wooden trays, each tray has 6 wooden bottles with plastic cap. The teacher prepares the bottles with a variety of pairs of scents, and with this teaching aid, children can distinguish different scents through matching. 3800
WMW-29-SM Mystery Bags 10 different mysterious things for recognition of a child. 850
WMW-30-SM Stereogonestic Bags A set of 2 bags, having Red & Blue Colors with 10 each Geometrical Solids, 3D shapes in Red / Blue Colors. 4400
WMW-31-SM constructive blue triangle Constructive Blue Traingles with a lid containing 12 blue right-angles scalene triangles painted on both sides 1150
WMW-32-SM Pencil Holding Blocks 5 Wooden Blocks with one,two,three,four and ten holes for placing pencils and counting purposes 650
WMW-33-SM Table of Pythagoras The Material consists of ten compartments wood box for storing the sets of color coded plastic squares and rectangular 3750
WMW-34-SM Geometrical Cabinet. The geometric cabinet with 6 drawers containing 33 geometric insets and frames:7 circles,7 rectangles, 7 triangles ,6 regular polygons,6 quadrilaterals and 3 blank 5400
WMW-35-SM Demostration Tray The geometric deomstration tray contains insets and frames for three basic geometric shapes: circle,square and triangle and threee blank wooden squares 1650
WMW-36-SM Geomatrical solids 10 different shapes of geometric solids made of wooden painted in blue 3100
WMW-37-SM Storing Box for Solids One wooden box with lid for storing geometrical solids 1050
WMW-38-SM Base for GEO Solids Geometric Plane figures with Box is used to link the three dimensional geometric Solids to their corresponding two dimensional plane figures.The set included fice plane figures with box 550

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