CorelDraw is a vector drawing tool. As such, it mainly used to create logos, signs and to vectorize images, or create new fonts.

You can create your designs using CorelDraw (and slice and create the HTML too).

It is a fantastic software but, as any other software, you need to know the interface. Women Academy of Education & Digital Arts (WAEDA) has launched this course in simple urdu. From understanding of Interface to the depth of colors, everything has been taught in this beginner course. Anyone can do a job or work at home or teach someone coreldraw after finished this course from WAEDA. You can find many websites and free tutorials on web in Urdu but they are not specifically for women and not a single video in a female voice. but women academy of arts & Digital Arts has started a new Trend for Pakistani women to give QUALITY Courses in Urdu from Female teachers exclusively for women only.

For some things, Corel Draw is better than Adobe Illustrator or Freehand , for other things, is harder to get the same result as in Illustrator.


Here is a sample video:

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